Born and raised in Ohio, John Azelvandre is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Before moving to New York City, he studied music and audio engineering at the Ohio State University. Subsequently, John’s creative voyage has traversed the music industry, philosophy, environmental studies and education, leading to the visual arts. John paints landscapes and other organic forms in an experimental style ranging from expressionistic to abstract. From various angles and through multiple lenses, his work explores the relationship between the self and its environment.
Selected exhibitions:
“The Circle Show,” group exhibition. Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY. November 2018 through January 2019.
“Of the Earth,” group exhibition. Atelier Rosal, Rahway, NJ. March-April 2018.
“De-Natured,” group exhibition. Old Stone House, Brooklyn, NY.  October-December 2015.
“Telestrations,” group exhibition, with Gowanus Swim Society.  Halyard’s Bar, Brooklyn, NY.  October 2015.
Brooklyn Art Space Winter Member Salon, group exhibition. Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.  February 2015.
“Submerged,” group exhibition, with Gowanus Swim Society.  Governor’s Island Art Fair, September 2014.
Brooklyn Art Space Summer Salon, group exhibition.  Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. July 2014.
“Lifeworlds and Landscapes,” two-person exhibition.  Midoma Gallery, New York, NY.  April-May, 2014.
“Introducing Gowanus Swim Society,” group exhibition.  Trestle Gallery Project Space, Brooklyn, NY.  April, 2014
Solo exhibition.  Thoughtworks, Inc., New York, NY. June-August, 2013
Brooklyn Art Space Spring Salon, group exhibition.  Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. May 2013.
“The Grand Harvest,” group exhibition.  Williamsburg Art & Historical Society, Brooklyn, NY.  October-December, 2012.
“2012 Represent Brooklyn,” group exhibition.  The Rising Arts Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.  April-May, 2012.
“Floating in the Absence of Reason (Revisited),” group exhibition.  MH Art & Framing Gallery, New York, NY.  January-February, 2012.
“Going Green,” juried competition and group exhibition. The Art Guild Gallery, Elderfields Preserve, Manhasset, NY, March-April, 2011.
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